Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend on the ball field!

Many people spent their Memorial Day Weekend on the beach, or picnicking with Friends...the Mongolds...along with a great number of other families in the State of Virginia - spent their weekend on the ball field!

Teams from all over Virginia came for the State Championship Tournament in Virginia Beach, VA. Ben's team...the Vipers...were the reigning champs for the state! It was a big day for their team!

Day one...three easy wins! Day two...an easy win to start the day...then the playoff rounds. 4 teams left. Two games going on simultaneously. And three of the teams were local talents!

Playing for the top two seats began - not so strong - down by 1 in the first inning. And what I realize about these teams is that you can NOT let a team score. Low scoring games because they can all Bat well and they can ALL field well.

The Vipers end up losing the game by one run. Man...what a nail biter of a game. Two very talented groups of 8 year olds...and the Virginia Vipers just got beat. It was a team they had taken before...but always a close game between these two teams. After that loss, that put our team at best - third in the state! Darn it!

The next game started and it went fast. A decent game, but a pretty easy win for third.They were happy to have won their game, but knowing what they could have had made for some tears. They played so hard all year! We are proud of each and every little man on the team!

Viper season is over and international all star play begins this week! Here's to many more weekends of farmers tans and dirty brothers! Go All stars!!

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Football and Fried Rice said...

Your boys are lucky to have their Momma be their #1 fan!! What a fun game!