Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hookie Day 2011

Taking the camera to the water park with three boys under the age of 8 and one adult...great idea.....but not real great photos!! At least I have something to remember our fun with! We rode almost every slide...hung in the wave pool...had lunch together...and just played! Everyone was happy and everyone played together like the best friends that they are!

Kyle took Josh down some larger slides - ones that I would not even considered. Amazing what a little bro will do for his big bro! And Josh LOVED it. That little man is so interesting. HE will cry like it is his last day if I walk into the other room and he didn't see me leave....but he will drop 15 feet off of a cliff into a 12 foot pool of water with his brother and come up asking for more!

Will was able to do more this year - as he has grown...that man has a need for speed and the water park is just the place for him to get his need filled!

Ben and Kyle were giddy all day...up the stairs...down the slides. So wanting to do it all on their own! I was thankful for the "no crowd" day and the ability to let them run free! Yeah...I watch them like a hawk...but I do it in secret...behind my sunglasses....they felt like big men that day!

Thankful for this time together! Bring on the summer with more adventures and more family fun!


Football and Fried Rice said...

Hey! That beats the Blue Bomb for sure, right?! Lol! Looks like everyone had a rockin good time!

Mary said...

Looks like so much fun! Hooray for summer!